About E&E Group

 Who We Are

 E&E Group is a leading Executive Talent Management & Career Consulting Company operating in Turkey which was established in 1992. Executive Search, including Board members, Outplacement – Change & Transition Management, Executive Coaching – Leadership & Career Development, Assessment, Training & Employee Engagement are the concentration areas of the Group.

E&E Group Recruits and Develops Executive Talent.

Clients choose E&E because of the professional, ethical and friendly service we offer. Our goal is to develop quality, lasting relationships with our clients, candidates and coaches by continually providing the best possible service, cooperation and friendship. We want our clients to view us as a partner, rather than a vendor, in fulfilling their Talent Acquisition and Development needs.

The Group is based in Istanbul and operates nationwide.

What We Do

E&E Group operates in five Executive Talent Management Businesses in four companies.

Executive Search – Recruit Executive Talent

E&E Group, is a leading Executive Search firm since 1992 E&E is among the founders of the Executive Search industry in Turkey. 

E&E Group supported over 250 international companies and 
placed more than 5,000 high and mid level executives.

Outplacement – Transition Executive Talent

E&E Group is the leading Outplacement Company in Turkey since 1996. E&E became the exclusive affiliate of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH/DBM) in Turkey in January 2012. For more info please visit www.lhh.com.

E&E served over 300 multinational and large local groups for Outplacement projects. Served more than 20,000 individuals, 6,000 being executive. E&E helps its clients prepare and plan for work force reduction & notification.

Assessment – Assess Executive Talent

E&E Group runs Top and Mid level Executive Individual Assessments and Assessment Centers for Recruitment & Career Development purposes. E&E represents Harrison Assessments International. For more info please visit www.harrisonassessments.com.

Executive Coaching – Develop Executive Talent

E&E Group has been active in Executive Coaching since 2004. E&E is a founding member of EMCC Turkey and serves large companies. There is years of experience and intensive attention behind E&E Group’s Executive Coaching products. E&E Group uses Lee Hecht Harrison’s Coaching Approach.

Employee Engagement – Retain Executive Talent

 E&E Group offers Leadership & Employee Engagement and Retention Analysis and Change Management programs for creating higly motivated workplaces. E&E uses Harrison Assessments International and Lee hecht Harrison Engagement analysis and coaching tools as well as locally developed solutions.

Mission and Values

E&E Group has been lead by the following values since its inception:

  • Respect for the individual
  • Strive for excellence
  • Care for detail
  • Confidentiality
  • Punctuality

Executive Team

 Kıvanç Ersöz

Cihangir Erdem

Yiğit Ersöz

Birnur Ahunbay

Candan Akkan Kartaç

Çiğdem Karadeniz


  • 1992 – E&E was founded (Co-Initiator of Executive Search in Turkey)
  • 1993 – E&E became the “Liaison Office” for Korn Ferry (until end of 1996)
  • 1993 – E&E started representing Watson Wyatt Data Services Europe (until 2001- Co-Initiator of Professional Salary Surveys in Turkey).
  • 1996 – E&E became the Sole Affiliate of Drake Beam Morrin (DBM) and started outplacement activities (Initiator of Outplacement & Professional Work Force Reduction Services in Turkey).
  • 1997 – E&E joined Transearch International (until 1999).
  • 1999 – E&E became the “Master Franchisee for Turkey and the Turkic States of Asia” for MRI Worldwide (until 2009)
  • 2001 – E&E Group opened five franchise offices in Turkey (Initiator of Recruitment Franchising in Turkey).
  • 2002 – E&E initiated and founded GM (General Managers’) Club.
  • 2004 – E&E Employment Services Ltd. was founded (Certification No:21)
  • 2004 – E&E became a founding member for EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Turkey.
  • 2004 – E&E became a founding member for TBCSD (Turkish Business Council for Sustainable Development) Turkey.
  • 2010 – E&E became a member of IIC Partners (until 2012).
  • 2011 – E&E became the sole licensee of Lee Hecht Harrison in Turkey, following LHH-DBM merger.
  • 2014 – E&E founded its Assessment Company and became the Turkish Distributor for Harrison Assessments International.
  • 2014 – E&E founded its Active Learning Company.