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What do Gen X and Gen Y want in a job?

Harrison Assessments International recognizes that as the population ages, the competition for attracting good, skilled Gen X and Gen Y employees heats up. Employers are finding that monetary rewards are not enough to attract and retain younger workers. Jamie Gutfreund of the Intelligence Group spends a great deal of time examining the differing motivations and preferences […]

Positive Change Leaders

Engin Guvenc, E&E Group Whether our mother passed away from brain tumour in 2015 or it was about time I don’t know, but the need for learning about topics like « how brain and neural system functions », « how it shapes us » opened up a brand new page in my life.  As a result of tough experiences/ […]


Candan Akkan, E&E Group / Assessment Director Is there such a thing as being too positive in how you approach life? Is optimism simply a perspective that some people are born with? How does a leader’s outlook, pessimistic or optimistic, impact their team? Do people across the globe hold the same view of optimism? These […]

Managing Emotions During the Outplacement Process

Birnur Ahunbay / Outplacement Director, E&E Group Change is an inevitable part of business life today. Big changes that lead to fast reorganisations, new positions, transfers and layoffs are frequent experiences that today’s employees live through. As E&E Group we observe that these situations are not only about few changes or a reorganisation, but involve […]

Building a Strong Employee Brand Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle

MICHELLE MOORE, Lee Hecht Harrison In recent years organizations have significantly increased their efforts to build strong employment brands in order to attract and retain key talent. Often these strategies focus on developing an employee value proposition and then using social media to promote the message in order to attract the best talent possible. In […]

Building a Career Focused Culture – Avoiding the Number One Mistake

Michelle Moore– Lee Hecht Harrison In today’s highly competitive and digitally disrupted business environment, finding and keeping the right talent, and effectively leveraging their skills to execute a fast-moving business strategy is critical for success. A recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison revealed that: • only 43% of organizations have a good understanding of their […]

Looking for a job is a full time job!

Figen Küçüköner Kırca,E&E Group I had the opportunity to work with many professionals in outplacement projects which we run as E&E Group.“Looking for a job is a full time job!” that’s what we say first in “Career Continuation Program” where we are supporting our participants in transition period so they can continue their careers in […]