Executive Search

E&E has been active in Executive Search since its inception in 1992. E&E is among the founders of the Executive Search Industry in Turkey and is one of the leaders in the market. E&E Group supported over 400 international and large local companies and 
placed more than 4,000 high and mid level executives.

All our consultants have considerable experience. We are dedicated to conducting comprehensive candidate searches, which are customized to meet each client’s specific hiring needs.

We search for the best fit of Top & Mid Level Executive Talent as well as Board Members and Interim Executives.

International standards

We are committed to the international standards & rules of Executive Search.

Our search professionals are relationship driven. We work for “perfect match” and we emphasize trust and confidentiality in our dealings with both clients and candidates.

From the outset, we work closely with clients to develop a clear understanding of their company, their values, their business goals, their market and their staffing needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients make the best possible hiring decisions. We are very sensitive to our candidates’ career expectations and perspectives as well.

Proven methodology

We follow through the same systematic seven step approach in all our searches. This comprises of:

  1. A thorough analysis of the position and its environment, job/profile descriptions and of the corporate culture and strategy.
  1. A sound strategy setting to define the best possible means of action. .
  1. A thorough search process with direct approach to potential candidates, followed by screening interviews and close examination of candidates’ careers to date and suitability for the position. Psychometric tests and Assessment Centers are also used in this phase.
  2. Presentation of the short listed candidates corresponding to the profile, examining all aspects of the candidates’ backgrounds, skills, motivation and capacity to integrate quickly into the company.
  1. Strict checking of the professional references of the best candidates.
  1. Assistance during the negotiations with the selected candidate on the terms and conditions of employment, whilst preserving confidentiality and motivation with both parties at all times.
  1. Support for the integration of the hired candidate and follow-up of his/her development within the company over a given period.