Transitions into new roles are the most challenging times in the proffessional lives of leaders.

Successful transitions are established in the first three to nine months after a leader steps into a new role. Leaders coming from outside the organization face additional complexities around having to quickly understand a new culture and knowing how to get things done.

E&E Group’s specialized onboarding and transition coaching helps leaders rapidly acclimate to new mission-critical roles, ensuring that they — along with their new teams — quickly reach alignment and achieve peak performance. E&E Group coaches help leaders in transition clarify and validate expectations for their roles, surface conflicting needs, build relationships with key stakeholders, forge a strong team, avoid missteps, and create a plan of action to achieve positive, visible impact.

  • Understand key transition challenges
  • Avoid micro-managing
  • Percieve and evaluate new environment better
  • Build effective communication with the team
  • Support self confidence
  • Gain ability to influence others
  • Let go of the previous role
  • Build profile of role, organization and market
  • Start with the end in mind