Organizations today recognize that to survive, and thrive, in the years to come, their people will have to think broader, work smarter, adapt quicker, and relate to each other better.

E&E uses the latest and most effective executive coaching techniques to foster this success since 2004. We begin with a comprehensive assessment that creates self-awareness and identify individualized behavioral factors required to achieve success.

We help executive leaders focus on what matters most. Our executive coaches are result-oriented and focus on sustainable performance improvements for both individuals and their teams. All our coaches have senior level executive experience as well as strong interpersonal skill.

 How do we work?

We discover personality traits and preferred way of handling situations as well as communication styles and career preferences. We explore work style and work environment.

We review perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and leverage strengths. And we help examine obstacles and support as participant learns to work around areas of weakness, giving Her/him the ability to find success on own terms.

Often we suggest a series of assessments to give a mirror to view behavior and become aware of how one can improve. Understanding oneself and developing the ability to motivate others are the pillars of leadership.

We first determine the development areas and gaps and then strategies for the targeted outcomes. We agree on actions for development, work on desired behaviours, styles and monitor progress.