Change Is An Event, Transition Is a Process

As business strategies change, the organization may undergo a merger or acquisition, downsizing, explosive growth, or a total reengineering of corporate direction. While these changes may be good for the organization, they often distract employees and their managers from keeping focused on achieving business results.

Managing Change Workshop for Leaders assist the leaders to maintain productivity and engagement during these chaotic periods and move the organization forward again.

It helps individuals recognize the risks and opportunities that come with change, both for the organization and for themselves. These workshops focus on the future, better enabling employees to get on board the organizational ship.

Designed as a fast-paced, interactive learning experience, participants will:

Learn common effects of change events upon people and organizations today

Discover personal strengths and challenges in their responses to organizational change

Take ownership for their own transition and productivity

As a result, organizations can better focus on priorities and move forward more quickly – important goals in today’s competitive marketplace.

After completing Managing Change Workshop, senior executives, managers, and supervisors will be able to:

  • Apply leadership strategies for assisting their teams to transition faster
  • Apply ideas for minimizing their team’s stress
  • Communicate more effectively with team members
  • Conduct follow-up meetings with team members to reinforce the workshop concepts and tools.