E&E Group operates in five Executive Talent Management Businesses in four companies.

Executive Search – Recruit Executive Talent

E&E Group, is a leading Executive Search firm since 1992 E&E is among the founders of the Executive Search industry in Turkey. 

E&E Group supported over 250 international companies and 
placed more than 5,000 high and mid level executives.

Outplacement – Transition Executive Talent

E&E Group is the leading Outplacement Company in Turkey since 1996. E&E became the exclusive affiliate of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH/DBM) in Turkey in January 2012. For more info please visit www.lhh.com.

E&E served over 300 multinational and large local groups for Outplacement projects. Served more than 20,000 individuals, 6,000 being executive. E&E helps its clients prepare and plan for work force reduction & notification. 

Assessment – Assess Executive Talent

E&E Group runs Top and Mid level Executive Individual Assessments and Assessment Centers for Recruitment & Career Development purposes. E&E represents Harrison Assessments International. For more info please visit www.harrisonassessments.com.

Executive Coaching – Develop Executive Talent

E&E Group has been active in Executive Coaching since 2004. E&E is a founding member of EMCC Turkey and serves large companies. There is years of experience and intensive attention behind E&E Group’s Executive Coaching products. E&E Group uses Lee Hecht Harrison’s Coaching Approach.

Employee Engagement – Retain Executive Talent

E&E Group offers Leadership & Employee Engagement and Retention Analysis and Change Management programs for creating higly motivated workplaces. E&E uses Harrison Assessments International and Lee hecht Harrison Engagement analysis and coaching tools as well as locally developed solutions.