Positive Change Leaders

Engin Guvenc, E&E Group

Whether our mother passed away from brain tumour in 2015 or it was about time I don’t know, but the need for learning about topics like « how brain and neural system functions », « how it shapes us » opened up a brand new page in my life.  As a result of tough experiences/ developments, I now have a totally different way of looking at the world. Following this, experiencing the change through professional coaching trainings and sessions helped me to have a clearer perspective.

It sounds quite odd where this particular organ whose weight is less than 1.5 kilos contains all our thoughts, dreams, memories and experiences. Numerical values or brains medical functions are not what this article is about, however reading about snaps ; trillions of cells in our brain, that reach up to 100 trillion until we are two years of age is exciting and almost divine.

Our brain reaches its maximum snaps capacity until we are two years of age, but lose 50% of this capacity later. This period that forms our identity and character is lifelong though. That is exactly the point that I would like to touch upon briefly. Human beings are adaptable to change by nature.

As distinct from other species we are born half coded. This coding is mainly about vital functions and the rest is what we learn from our experiences. Therefore our brain allows us to adapt the environment we are born into and/or other environments. Furthermore it allows our kind to rule over other species and systems.

It is quite apparent that the period up to two years of age is crucially important for our children. Since our environment we are brought up shapes us; providing a better world for the future generations should be our duty. It should be an important task to feed our children who are in the learning period with love of human, animal, nature, science, creativity and many other positive values and approaching them with coaching model for them to progress. Thus, it is our most important job to help the new generation to become Positive Change Leaders where they can apply « creative and sustainable solutions » both in their lives and organisations. While transferring humanities to our children, fulfilling their need to be loved will make a positive effect on worlds future in terms of spiritual and earthly perspectives and help us create a sustainable world. :)  So long.