Managing Emotions During the Outplacement Process

Birnur Ahunbay / Outplacement Director, E&E Group
Change is an inevitable part of business life today. Big changes that lead to fast reorganisations, new positions, transfers and layoffs are frequent experiences that today’s employees live through.
As E&E Group we observe that these situations are not only about few changes or a reorganisation, but involve a fundamental change in terms of individuals and their relation to their companies.
Today’s employees should control reactions and manage them well towards change in order to keep their emotional balance and productivity even though they encounter uncertainties.
We should stay positive while job searching
During the entire process of job searching maintaining a positive and active thought structure is crucial. In that, you will need your inner energy, creativity and courage again which has helped you to elude other challenging situations you have encountered throughout your life.
Leaving your old habits, lifestyle granted by your former position behind might probably cater for you to regard other activities and approaches you have never thought about up till today. You will realize the support system around you more and how to make the most of it. You were part of a company and hence a ready-made support system up to now. Now, you are going to create your own support system.
Big changes can bring strong emotions in its wake
Close down of your old steady support system and change can bring forth some strong emotions:
Shock, anger, uncertainty, self-doubt, fear and other negative emotions might burst. Different people could experience different combinations of these emotions; these experiences might vary from form to form and repeat.
Though it looks terrifying at first glance, you might be freed from some conditions where your company forced you to come across and where you could not get the job satisfaction you expected.
Emotions matter and you can manage them
All these feelings are normal and sensible. Emotion is an energy form. Your emotions affect your thoughts and your thoughts affect your actions. Uncontrolled emotions and negative feelings affect both your physical and mental health negatively and thus disrupt the job searching process. We should always stay positive while job searching.