Looking for a job is a full time job!

Figen Küçüköner Kırca,E&E Group
I had the opportunity to work with many professionals in outplacement projects which we run as E&E Group.“Looking for a job is a full time job!” that’s what we say first in “Career Continuation Program” where we are supporting our participants in transition period so they can continue their careers in job market in a new environment according to their targets
It will be only just to approach career transition period as not just a “job search” but also as “new career planning “and “creating business opportunities”. You should embrace the process with this perspective, plan what you have got to do and apply them proactively. Your self-discipline and motivation can remain high only this way. Only if you manage it this way and stick to your target the process will result in your favour in a short time.
If there are people around you who claim they are looking for work but cannot land on a job, it will be necessary to question their condition: Either they don’t know what they are looking for (no target); or they don’t know how to look for a job (they don’t know the right methods); or they act like they are looking for a job but they don’t really want to get one/ or they have other thoughts.
Job searching operation should be considered like a complete project and should be planned step by step:
1. First determine your target. What can you do? What can you offer to job market? What are your priorities and claims? Can you describe the job that you think that is appropriate for you?
2. Apply the right job search methods. Sure you should have a proper CV but looking for a job is not about sending your resume to various places then sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring! Are you in contact with people around you? Do you receive feedback while introducing yourself and make contacts that would lead to opportunities? Do you use online job search sites and social media actively? Are you in touch with consultancy firms?
3. Stick to your plan and update it according to the developments. Full time job means working approximately 7-8 hours per day. There may be many issues beyond your control but does your project evolve in the direction you want? Do you focus on your capabilities and move forward? Do you carry on and never give up?
Above advice is not only for those who are actively in job search period. In fact this is exactly what we mean by the concept of career planning. Even if you already have a job you should ask yourself: Where am I in my career right now? Where do I want to be in the upcoming period? (you might want to compartmentalise this as short, middle and long term) What am I doing right now to get to where I want to go?
Please note that; if you don’t take the responsibility for your career and not plan it yourself you might have accept the planning made on your behalf!