New Promotion, New Role and First 111 Days

Being a leader in a company is an important step in employees’ careers but brings some challenges in its wake. Many directors realise they are not ready to be a leader yet when they start to lead the others and express that they have not undergone a management training whichever.
Amongst the biggest challenges that managers’ face are dealing with issues between the employees, motivating the team, performance evaluation, creating resources to support the team and defining career path for the team.
Forty percent of new leaders fail in their first 18 months
So this shining promotion comes with a fair degree of personal risk.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t go through process in choosing those who will be moved into a managerial position. Often the judgment is based solely on how well the person is performing in his or her current position. This method assumes that everyone intuitively knows how to manage. Managing people is crucial to the success of any organization; but in too many cases, it is left to chance.

Newly promoted talents are compelled to have a great adaptation to their new position is more than ever. E&E Group coaches help them to move through the real time challenge of the first months of a new role appointment and support the leader to learn how to be prepared for a pre-start, how to develop a plan for the first three months, six month, one year and even two years. And, eventually they learn how to successfully close out at the end of three months.

• Learn basic leadership skills
• Make conscious effort for success
• Learn power of interpersonal skills
• Gain greater productivity
• Evoke confidence to “lean in” and make bold moves
• Support for improving specific skills – communication, delegation, conflict management, team building and persuasion.
• Faster action – advancing things faster and with greater precision
• Emotional support, empathy, and encouragement
• Evoke deeper learnings

Transitions into new roles are the most challenging times in the professional lives of leaders.

Successful transitions are established in the first three to nine months after a leader steps into a new role. Leaders coming from outside the organization face additional complexities around having to quickly understand a new culture and knowing how to get things done.
E&E Group’s specialized on boarding and transition coaching helps leaders rapidly acclimate to new mission-critical roles, ensuring that they — along with their new teams — quickly reach alignment and achieve peak performance. E&E Group coaches help leaders in transition clarify and validate expectations for their roles, surface conflicting needs, build relationships with key stakeholders, forge a strong team, avoid missteps, and create a plan of action to achieve positive, visible impact.
• Understand key transition challenges
• Avoid micro-managing
• Perceive and evaluate new environment better
• Build effective communication with the team
• Support self confidence
• Gain ability to influence others
• Let go of the previous role
• Build profile of role, organization and market
• Start with the end in mind

Some companies ignore the trainings of new managers thinking they would grow into their new job. However this would end up in mistakes that new manager are going to make, demoralised employees and correspondingly productivity slowdown. Question that companies need to ask is; “What is the cost of failure of new manager?” Within this information the company will make the right cost-benefit decision.