Talent Assessment

Candan Akkan, Assessment Director/ Harrison Assessments Turkey, E&E Group
Assessing your employees in professional life are important in terms of corporate worlds productivity and its sustainability. This is no different than the attention and care you give to your own garden and or field.
Today assessing our employees is a priority. By the way recruitment is amongst the fields where assessment is needed most.
Looking at the CVs we should consider the organisation just as choosing the right seed for the right soil and determine their priority and significant skills. Placing the employees to the appropriate positions and giving the right decision during recruitment are also vital. Choosing the “engaged” and “loyal” employees is a success for the Human Resources and top management. People who love their job perform 75% better compared to the others. It all starts with the soil and seed match. A Corporation should know its resources well (analyse and assess) in order to direct it efficiently in line with its corporate targets, thus can decide what to plant in its field.
Just as predicting what plant will grow in which soil, it’s a delicate subject to differ between the skill, conformity and risk. Without information you are nothing and you are tied to trial and error method. Only if you analyse and assess your potential you can determine truly right people and will be the most fruitful for the job.
Thorough talent assessment is an essential and effective milestone in creating critical success elements both in recruitment and development focused activities. To understand the competencies and development areas of human resources and targets that can carry the organisation to success and matters that would prevent achieving the success is the aim of the assessment. A wrong assessment negatively affects both the organisations financial results and the employee engagement. With right assessment the corporation’s productivity rises and this value is reflected upon the employee engagement. The competency analysis for every level in the organisation and assessment projects that are based on competencies, the “development maps” are realised and while the corporation finds solutions answering the needs, it invests in its own development.
Sometimes you need a soil mix for planting a strawberry seedling. You may need to work months in advance to get efficiency. Most importantly is a nice and healthy garden.
Undertaking assessment activities as E&E Group we are the sole representative of Harrison Assessments since 2014. You can check Harrison Assessments sample reports on our web site.