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Can you keep confidential information … confidential?

When you are in a leadership role, at any level, you will be privy to information that is confidential. Sometimes it’s about a company’s strategy. Maybe there’s an acquisition or merger in play. Or at times it may be something personal about an employee that should be kept discreet. It is exceedingly important that all […]

Enabling Innovation With the Help of Personality Trait Assessments

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation. It is hard to read a newspaper or business journal without finding an article on innovation or a reference to how companies must innovate to stay competitive. But the question that few articles address is how does a company become innovative or foster a culture of innovation? Most will agree that people […]

7 Steps to Take Control of Your Career

Today’s career-minded individual understands that the cliché corporate ladder has developed a number of broken rungs. A typical career path is no longer linear but more closely resembles a labyrinth. It commonly takes the shape of lateral moves, special projects, cross-functional assignments—remember “up” is not the only or best way for career progression. So, why […]

What are references and why do you need them?

At some point in your search, usually towards the end of an interview process, you may be asked to give a prospective employer some references. You will want to be well prepared for this before the situation arises. You need to compile a reference database. What are potential employers looking for? 1. Resume distortion. It […]

How to Explain a Career Gap

Career breaks on a resume or CV are not uncommon and can occur for any number of reasons, with illness, maternity/paternity leave and redundancy by far the most common. Explaining these types of gaps in your employment history to a potential employer is straightforward. If they took place 10 years ago, the likelihood is that […]

How a personality trait assesments helps improve communication

Dan Harrison, Founder and CEO of Harrison Assessments International “According to a recent Harris Poll a stunning majority (69%) of the managers said that they’re often uncomfortable communicating with employees. Over a third (37%) of the managers said that they’re uncomfortable having to give direct feedback about their employees’ performance if they think the employee […]

Three Keys to Work Satisfaction

It seems basic. If you like what you are doing it doesn’t feel so much like work. If you enjoy doing something you are more likely to continue doing it and do it well. So shouldn’t a personality assessment being used to measure job suitability include measuring work satisfaction? Measuring work satisfaction is essential to […]