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Talent Assessment

Candan Akkan, Assessment Director/ Harrison Assessments Turkey, E&E Group Assessing your employees in professional life are important in terms of corporate worlds productivity and its sustainability. This is no different than the attention and care you give to your own garden and or field. Today assessing our employees is a priority. By the way recruitment […]

Sustainable Development and New Generation Employees Choice Criteria

Engin Güvenç, E&E Group Nowadays talented employees take into account not only the financial performance of companies but also their approach to: corporate management, social and environmental values while making a job application. New generation employees are aware of organisations reputation, brand loyalty and prestige, consistency and ability to provide opportunities are related; thus, doing […]

The Best Managers are Coaches – Coaching Sessions

Çiğdem Karadeniz PCC, CPCC, ORSC /Career Coach Coach Manager As profession of coaching is well known and several managers benefit from this service the concept of “Coach Manager” come to light as a need. There is a difference between being a Coach and Coach Manager and yet target remains the same: job satisfaction, content employees […]

Can the Harrison Assessment be Manipulated?

One of my friends asked me how reliable is HA? Her coworker took HA twice and got a very different suitability rests. The reason the guy tried twice was because the company took HA as one promotion tool. The 1st day the result was around 50%, so his “nice” boss asked him to take it […]