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Building a Strong Employee Brand Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle

MICHELLE MOORE, Lee Hecht Harrison In recent years organizations have significantly increased their efforts to build strong employment brands in order to attract and retain key talent. Often these strategies focus on developing an employee value proposition and then using social media to promote the message in order to attract the best talent possible. In […]

Building a Career Focused Culture – Avoiding the Number One Mistake

Michelle Moore– Lee Hecht Harrison In today’s highly competitive and digitally disrupted business environment, finding and keeping the right talent, and effectively leveraging their skills to execute a fast-moving business strategy is critical for success. A recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison revealed that: • only 43% of organizations have a good understanding of their […]

Looking for a job is a full time job!

Figen Küçüköner Kırca,E&E Group I had the opportunity to work with many professionals in outplacement projects which we run as E&E Group.“Looking for a job is a full time job!” that’s what we say first in “Career Continuation Program” where we are supporting our participants in transition period so they can continue their careers in […]

New Promotion, New Role and First 111 Days

Being a leader in a company is an important step in employees’ careers but brings some challenges in its wake. Many directors realise they are not ready to be a leader yet when they start to lead the others and express that they have not undergone a management training whichever. Amongst the biggest challenges that […]

Why First 111 Days are Important?

Çiğdem Karadeniz PCC, CPCC, ORSC /Career Coach %40 of new leaders fail in their first 18 months So this shining promotion comes with a fair degree of personal risk. Many companies select people for take on according to their past performances. This method, assumes that people know their tasks and management naturally. Since good management […]

The top 3 leadership skills needed to address the rise of Gen Z

Lee Hecht Harrison Millennials, together with the even-younger Generation Zs now entering the workplace, are causing a management dilemma. These workers have vastly different expectations from the generations who came before: they want a clear path to success and fulfilment and are impatient in achieving their goals. If given the opportunity, their resourceful, energetic perspective […]

Talent Assessment

Candan Akkan, Assessment Director/ Harrison Assessments Turkey, E&E Group Assessing your employees in professional life are important in terms of corporate worlds productivity and its sustainability. This is no different than the attention and care you give to your own garden and or field. Today assessing our employees is a priority. By the way recruitment […]