Sustainable Development and New Generation Employees Choice Criteria

Engin Güvenç, E&E Group

Nowadays talented employees take into account not only the financial performance of companies but also their approach to: corporate management, social and environmental values while making a job application. New generation employees are aware of organisations reputation, brand loyalty and prestige, consistency and ability to provide opportunities are related; thus, doing a socially beneficial job is an essential criterion for them.

You would remember Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work for” annual list. Today there are many similar surveys like this. Employees assessment, awards and the pride of companies who received those awards prove ; a way that company operates have an important role in terms of corporate reputation.

Within this assessment during the candidate’s applications; in addition to companies intellectual interests, work environment and prestige, awards, opportunities for self-development; the companies battle against challenges of the world (global warming, biological diversity, energy bottleneck etc.) and its solutions are the most significant criteria.

According to Accenture three fifths of newly graduates and potential employees stated that ethical management is an important criterion in their job applications. In compliance with GlobeScan’s data two thirds of students claimed that their salary is not more important than the company’s social and environmental reputation when determining the company they would like to work for.

To conclude while expectations of companies to be more successful and persistent from their employees are changing and diversified, qualified employees expectations in return for being abiding and motivation for creating significant value for company have also changed. Human Resources managers have the most significant responsibility for success in terms of mutual expectations that are almost tight knitted. In that Sustainable Development approach that leads companies to success, where it is accepted by all functions of the company and emancipated as a part of corporate culture could only be realised with Human Resources efforts.