New business trends, sustainability and expectations from employees

Engin Güvenç , E&E Group
The traditional ways of doing business are no longer valid in corporate structures; moreover the expectations from employees are not the same. Which criteria’s are important for new ways of doing business then?
In last 20 years the companies have realised that many new topics have vital importance for their companies where they thought were not relevant to their business at all previously. Change brings along multi-dimensional yet persisting and solid model for companies that transition to “Sustainability”* based business models. Centennial companies build their strategies upon not only profitability but also on trust, sustainable resources, reputation, brand permanence, productivity, stakeholder integration and skilled labour targets.
Our aim is to be of choice, to be more persistent more prestigious but also eliminate the environmental and social negative impacts. In short to become a citizen of the corporate world.
Employees have  strategic importance for companies who transition to “Sustainable Business Model”. Talents who quickly understand the new competition terms in multi-dimensional change environment and can work with creative ideas for solutions have critical importance.
When taking into account the fact that companies can only survive with the labour force; managers prefer employees who are open to developments, curious, visionary and are integrated with the company in every field. To conclude, new century business models, urge employees in all levels to be more equipped.

[1] Sustainable Development is an holistic approach that aims to build a balance between human needs and natural resources sustainability and a programming in accordance with economic, social and environmental dimensions for today and future.