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Multiple Careers

Evren Çerdik
E&E Group, Executive Search Director
Starting a second career while corporate life continues and aiming to switch to a new career after a while, in other words; multiple careers are a notion we tend to hear more often recently. Well then, what is a multiple career, how do you make it? Why do we have such urge to establish another career after years of vigorous efforts, hard work and devotion to our primary careers?
This urge comes up after your career reaches to certain maturity at late 30s and has few important grounds.
Subject to changing economic conditions; many positions die out and/or shrink due to frequently structure changes in organisations and roles being more centralized. Due to the lack of promotion opportunities, employee’s motivations scale down. Novelty seeking as a result of satisfaction derived from long term careers, easy access to information via technological developments, reaching out to mass via internet as following the new market trends through changing needs, as well as the belief that entrepreneurship dreams may come true; make multiple careers possible.
Agriculture is one of the most common activities practiced in multiple careers. Organic agriculture, products such as olive and walnut farming is in great demand in the past couple of years and can be easily realised with the help of friends and or family while you maintain your corporate life. Lecturing in universities at weekends and out of working hours, writing a book, e-commerce, coaching, tutoring, blogging, vlogging are amongst the top preferred second career options. It’s quite important to determine what risks we can afford, whether we are ready to face the difficulties and embrace the opportunities and how trends will grow in the upcoming years in the context of new directions. It appears that in the forthcoming years we will hear more success stories of our candidates who made necessary arrangements and began their multiple and diversified careers.