About choosing your own path

Gamze Can
E&E Group, Executive Search Director

How careful are we when making a career choice where we spend most of our lives working and endeavoring?
Since elementary school we all have floating ideas regarding our future as we get to know about different professions. Many of them remain only as dreams. As we grow up, we tend to have more realistic dreams and take the long and weary road to meet our targets. It is important to study in a subject that we are interested in college but few us can have the patience to follow our dream after the graduation. Only few could resist until they find the job of their dreams.
In my opinion, those minority who follow dreams are successful in their careers. People who love what they do are self-motivated; they concentrate on their job and attain successful outcomes even at the worst situations. The journey itself and enjoying it is their ultimate target, after all.
It is important to question ourselves in what we want when we understand our chosen career path is not right for us. If we are having difficulty in finding the answer we can work with a career coach to determine our career path where we can be more successful and happier before it is too late.
Career Coach helps you to ask the right questions when planning your career. You can start with exploring yourself and taking personality and career orientation inventories. After identifying your interests and skills you can then designate the sectors and companies you will apply to. You should be specifying where and what you would like to in mid and long term in your career life, thus you could determine where you are and how you should follow according to those targets.
Remember, it is never too late to start all over again. As long as you know where you are heading and have the resources to stand to challenges.