Outplacement Experience through the Eyes of Consultants and Candidates

Birnur Ahunbay
E&E Group Outplacement Director
I enjoyed my each job in every company I worked for over the course of my 30 years career. I am grateful for that. Met a lot of people, learnt a great deal from them, had many trainings, gave many trainings but nothing comes close to the satisfaction I get from Outplacement Consultancy in terms of discipline and spiritual satisfaction. No success comes close to the joy, peace and pride when my candidates tell me that they got the job.
I was introduced to Outplacement notion at the time when I was thinking about my career would be over after retirement.
I don’t like to say “if only” at all, but first thing came to my mind was “if only, I was introduced to this program at the beginning of my career, my life would be much easier.”
Program, plays an important role in developing skills ; increasing self-awareness, right career management, overcoming difficult times and controlling your life; despite age, position, education, life and career expectations, family structures; whether a person would like to continue his/her career or start up a business or retire.
It is natural to start a job as well as to leave; it is natural to hire somebody and to dismiss someone from the employment in business life. We also know how much a person sweats and feel bad about it when he/she has to make the redundancy talk.
I would like to share program’s participants experience in my blog articles with you, hopingly it would help people who are looking for jobs but do not have the chance to become a participant of our outplacement program.
Testimonial 1
I used think “how detailed can be looking for job?”. As a person who hasn’t been looking for job for 12 years, I didn’t know much a about the developments. I used to manage with posting my CV on without too much fuss. Our paths crossed with E&E Group when the pharmaceutical company I worked for went downsizing and my position was closed. With the help of coaching my career consultant offered, I accepted the process much easier, overcome the new and unusual situation for me and started my new job. My new full time job was to looking for a job. 
First of all, I discovered to prepare a Professional CV is not as easy as I thought. Then I realised was not the only place to look for new positions. I noted many other online social networks and listed whole works network contacts that are beneficial for me, and started to contact them. My awareness in many different areas have increased. I learnt how to merge my own skills and success with opponent’s requirements. At the moment I am actively going to interviews and looking for work at full speed. After all it is a full time job. 
Testimonial 2
I think outplacement service provides important advantages in transitioning to a new position. In my view, the most important contribution that program provides is to remind me which steps to take to find the job I want, since it has been a long time I applied to a job Within the context of program, I determined my targets, thought about what I have to do to meet those targets and acted in. I got a line on developing my CV, things to do regarding references and questions I may confront at interviews.