Happiness at Work

Evren Çerdik
Executive Search Director

Our career which we start in our early 20s becomes the most fundamental aspect of our lives as we get promotions, success and recognition. All too soon, how happy we are at work where we spend an important part of our lives? How many of us do the job that we love and satisfied by adding value?

Job satisfaction is amongst the top of the topics that employees in their mid-30s question most. Employee satisfaction is an important issue in terms of organisations productivity. Therefore both employees and employers need to shoulder responsibility on building their way to happiness.

Regardless of our position, there are some things we can do on our way to happiness; reconsidering the value we create, focusing on profits we bring, gravitating towards areas where we can highlight our strengths, learning new skills that are applicable to our job, having a goal and holding on to our dreams. Not only employees but also organisations and top management have important roles in creating employee satisfaction and engagement. Effective employee recognition, open and honest communication between managers and employees, placing employees in right positions that match their skills, a career plan that could lead them to meet mid and long term targets, social activities in the workplace are some of the responsibilities that organisations can take on.

With some time and effort both employees and employers can make a stride regarding the points stated above. In every respect, wanting, planning and taking action are the key words.