Building a Cadence of Accountability

Karen Faehndrich
Being a truly accountable leader is the only way to build an organisation that can thrive. Read on to know the fundamental principles of accountable leadership.
What is Leadership Accountability and why is there a gap? Vince Molinaro examines the concept in his book, The Leadership Contract. He argues that being a truly accountable leader is the only way to build an organization that can thrive. He also explores what it takes to become the dynamic leader your organization needs.
Let’s explore the four terms of The Leadership Contract, the fundamental principles of accountable leadership. As well, we’ll look at a series of questions you can ask yourself and your teams that can serve as triggers for some extremely meaningful and practical conversations that can start the process of establishing enterprise wide accountability.
1. Leadership is a Decision – Make It, pause and consider the ramifications.
What is our vision of a truly accountable team?
Are we “all in” as individual team members and fully committed to create and sustain a truly accountable team?
Do we have clarity regarding our mutual expectations of one another?
2. Leadership is an Obligation – Step Up, define your desired value and impact
In what ways, will we individually and collectively step up to our core obligation?
How do we intend to leave our organization in better shape than we found it?
How will we set the tone and be an example of a truly accountable team to others in our organization?
3. Leadership is Hard Work – Get Tough, tackle the hard work that is at the very heart of the role
What is the hard work that this team must tackle in order for us to be successful?
What are the tough conversations we must have as a team? And with other teams, we will work with?
How must we demonstrate resilience and resolve as a team?
4. Leadership is a Community – Connect, be a community builder
How will we establish a real sense of community within our team?
In what ways will we have each other’s backs?
How will we support the success of other teams that we will work with across our organization?
Closing the leadership accountability gap begins when you acknowledge that taking on a leadership role means you will be held to higher standards of performance and behavior. It is a recognition that you are signing up for something important. That it will require you to serve as a role model. Leadership is a human endeavor and every employee is entitled to the dignity of exceptional leaders.